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End note to customers:

We are working hard to ensure we continue to have plenty of quality seasoned firewood to fulfill all of the demand throughout the year. However, with the ever-growing demand we would like to remind you that we sell firewood year-round, and we highly recommend ordering as much as you can as early as you can to have it ready and waiting for you when winter arrives. We cannot, and do not, guarantee to have seasoned wood year-round, as it goes extremely quickly. We urge you to buy more than you may need for a season, not so we sell more, but so you don’t run out in the middle of winter and have trouble finding seasoned wood at the worst possible time of year.

When making deliveries, we will likely NOT drive onto any part of your lawn OR yard. Our vehicles are very heavy, especially when loaded with firewood, and can do damage to your property. We can also get our vehicles stuck, and doing so would likely result in added time, costs and possible vehicle damage. If you request us to drive onto your lawn or yard you are doing so at your own risk and we ARE NOT responsible for any damages incurred. If you ask us to drive onto your lawn/yard/ right of way/any property that does not belong to you and we get our vehicle stuck you will be responsible for all additional costs related to it (labor time for getting un-stuck or waiting for tow (billed at $50 per hour), cost of tow truck or other assistance, or any other costs incurred due to your choosing us to drive onto your lawn). We assume no liability and are not responsible for any property damage if you tell us to drive in your yard or property.