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Bush Hogging

We now have two options available for this service:

1. 36 horsepower tractor and 5 foot bush hog: $75 per hour

2. 60 horsepower tractor and 7 foot heavy duty bush hog: $90 per hour

3. Bobcat A300 with Heavy duty brush cutter: $100 per hour

There is an additional travel charge in addition to the hourly rate (varies per location). Please contact us to discuss rates for garden tilling, gravel driveway repair, or any other outdoor obstacles.

Log & Firewood Splitting Services

One Worker: $60 per hour
Two Workers: $100 per hour

There is an additional travel charge in addition to the hourly rate(varies per location).

We can custom cut/split your wood to your liking. When requesting a quote for log splitting, please provide a detailed description of the logs to be split and the access to them, and email photos of them if possible.

Our log splitter is a Timberwolf TW6; a $10000+ machine that does not compare to any average log splitter. It has an 18 hp electric start engine, a four and a six way splitting wedge, table grate, 500 pound log lift.

Snow Plowing & Snow Removal Services

    Driveway Snow Clearing
    Sidewalk Clearing
    Road, Driveway, Step, and Walkway Salting
    Business parking lot clearing

For all of your other landscaping and tree care needs, please contact us to discuss and we will provide a free estimate.

Wood Prices & Delivery Options

  • Average Car Trunk Full (about 50-60 pieces): $35
  • 1/8 Cord (16 cubic feet): $55
  • 1/4 Cord (32 cubic feet): $85
  • 1/2 Cord (64 cubic feet): $150
  • Full Cord (128 cubic feet): $275
  • Dump Truck Full: $600

Please Note: Prices listed are for pick-up only and do not include delivery (except for dump truck full). Delivery is available and rates vary depending on location. Stacking is available and rates vary depending on difficulty. Thank you.

Wood Delivery Rates - click here


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