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Michelle & Sam Mitchell

Dear Grady,

After of year of working with you at Marshfield I have a few things to say…..

Your company name is appropriate as we had our obstacles (rocks, telephone lines, irrigation lines, power lines, the rain, 2 lab puppies and changing of my mind!) and all of them were handled with a smile and “not a problem” attitude with professionalism every step of the way.

It was never a problem to start the day early (before 7am) with deliveries of plants and trees (was it really 3000 plants on that truck…yes it was and more than once!) and every plant handled with care and organized in sections before we planted.

Your knowledge of plants and trees was invaluable to the project. From the preparing of the soil, keeping track of the watering when needed and protecting the small trees from the deer allowed for the investment to really pay off with the critical first year growth.

Your skill, knowledge, repairing and maintaining many different kinds of equipment; your own and mine, came in so handy to keep the project moving. Yourself and your crew always handled the equipment with care and safety in mind. My equipment was always hosed off, fueled and returned to it place at the end of the day.

Your ability to work with other professionals personalities (garden designers, plumbers, electricians, tree experts etc.) was a learning experience for myself and others working with you. You are the perfect project leader.

But above all, your genuine kindness, enthusiasm for my projects, abilities and knowledge along with your fairness in price is what keeps me calling you. I look forward to working with you and your crew again in the Spring.

Charles Miehm

Your guy did a great job. He is a real worker.  My wife thinks it was money well spent and I completely agree.

Dan Stewart

Your crew did an incredible job with the siding and gutters. The siding was extremely dirty, as you saw, and now it looks like new. We were very impressed, so thank you for a great job.

Karen B.

The guys did a great job! I told them I’d call another time for the rest of things I want to get done including the hauling away of items. I also told them that I would e-mail you and find out what I owe you and put a check in the mail. Thank you so much for your time today and the good work of your crew.

Gretchen D.

Grady, You and your men did such a wonderful job on the yard! Thank you very much. I’ll write the check tonight and put in the mailbox.

Andrew W.

Grady, Forgot to shoot you an email to let you know that your guy came out and did a GREAT job. WOW…now that is what I was expecting. Thank him for me if you will.

Sam Mitchell

Grady, You and your guys are working really hard to keep the plants watered. Please thank your guys for me and tell them how much I appreciate their all out effort – as well as yours of course.

Don Garner

Grady, Your guy did a great job for me planting 35 Evergreens. He had it done in 2 hours and took care with the planting. I will definitely call you again. Thanks!

Janie & Jim Riggs

Grady, I’m sending some pictures of when you helped us this spring. All your hard work in trimming, edging, and all the rock turned this problem area into a beautiful walkway. Installing the plastic under the rock has helped keep the weeds down. Thank you again, and I hope your business is doing well.

Mike P.

Grady & team did a phenomenal job on our front yard. We had been away for a while and the yard looked like the amazon jungle, but Overcoming Obstacles team tamed it! They were quick and efficient.

Keeping Fauquier beautiful since 2004